Company Introduction


Premium Natural brand CARiA was founded in 2018 in Thailand. The founder was dedicated to create “The Symbol of simplicity” based on natural and organic ingredients to provide simple ways to make yourself happy in everyday.

After trying out the unique skincare products and massage techniques used by local women during a countryside tour in Thailand, the founder personally witnessed their amazing efficacy and had the idea of producing Premium Natural brand using these local techniques.


The concept is “The Symbol of simplicity”. It is a source of passion in life for the founder, who works on turning the most natural ingredients into the purest form of happiness with the belief that natural materials offer the best effects and that skincare rituals should be linked with Simplicity and Happiness.

Where an ancient secret recipe meets innovative technology to bring out contaminant-free natural essences that takes care of every user’s skin and brings happiness to their life by creating a good start in Everyday.